Turbulent Times


Encounter 1

Michael Stonebridge and Victor Lawson were tasked with infiltrating Mortis, a secret Zealot space station, where to find and extract and intel that the Zealots had collected on the New Power. Having captured the zealot operative on a previous mission on Kraka Axxon, they had the required pass phrase to land on the station. From a datapad found on the Zealot operative, they had a rough idea of Mortis's floor map and where they needed to go to retrieve the data on the New Power.

Michael and Victor set off in a Sith transport with Jexu, four sith soldiers and a astromech droid. As Michael flew the transport toward Mortis, Victor gave the pass phrase and they were allowed to land. They decided that Jexu should stay on the transport with two sith soldier while they too the other two and the astromech droid to the secure level of the space station.

Unfortunately, as they were making their way to the the central elevators on Mortis to go down to the secure level, Victor forgot the way to the elevators. As Michael and Victor argued over the directions to the elevators they notice that they had attracted the attention of several security troops. Victor was able to spin a story that convinced the security troops to escort the party to the elevators. 

Knowing that they did not have clearance for the secure level and not wanting to have to deal with the security troops that were escorting them to the elevators and any other security that might be at the elevators, Victor decided a quick and silent attack on the security troops was in order. After a quick scuffle the party was able to overpower and knock out the security troops without alerting anyone else. 

However, their luck did not hold out for them. As they entered the elevators they were confronted by a security officer and a few security troops. Michael was not able to convince the officer that they had access to the secure area.  Knowing that they were going to be found out any minute now, Michael lunged at the security officer and fire fight broke out. Michael was shot in the arm by the security office. However, Victor and the other two sith soldiers made quick work of the other security troops. 

Knowing that more security forces would be on the way, Michael had the droid had into the system to give the party clearance to access the secure level. As the droid worked away, Michael and Victor could hear the security forces reinforcements closing in on them.


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