Turbulent Times

Infiltration Part II

Encounter 2

Having been able to successfully infiltrate the Zealot space station Mortis and over power the security personal manning the access to the space station's elevators,Michael Stonebridge and Victor Lawson along with their two Sith soldiers prepared to counter the Zealots security forces attempt to regain control of the security station. They had the astromech droid with them connect to the security terminal to open the blast door that separated them from the elevators that would take them to level 5 of the space station where the data on the New Power was being kept. 

Soon Victor heard heavy foots steps coming from both directions of the corridor. Peeking out, he saw two squads of heavily armored Zealot troops. He and the Sith soldiers immediately opened fire and we able to quickly kill a few of the Zealots and sent the rest scrambling for cover. However, Victor’s gun started to malfunction. As he frantically tried to fix it, one of the Zealot troopers, taking advantage in the lapse of fire, lobbed a grenade into the security station. It went off hurling one of the Sith soldiers to the floor.

Michael hurtled over the low barricades to the fallen Sith trooper and attempted to stabilize him. To his dismay he realized that the party had forgotten to take any medkits. However, with is past experience he was able to stabilize the Sith soldier. Moments later, Michael is shot and it looks bad. The remaining Zealot troopers push forward hoping to break into the security station and subdue the party. 

The party hear the tale tell hiss of the blast doors opening. The droid had gotten control of the doors. Michael struggling with the wounded Sith soldier rushes to the blast doors as Victor covers them. Thanks to his experience as soldier and mercenary, victor remains calm as the Zealot troopers rush into the security room and unleashed a devastating barrage of fire. Victor cut down the remaining Zealot troopers. Unfortunately he was forced to fire his gun, which was already malfunctioning, longer than it could maintain. It overheated and now only fires sporadically. 

Battered and slightly shaken the group makes it to the elevators and descends into the depths of the space station on their way to the secure floor and the data on the new power. 


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