Turbulent Times

Infiltration Part IV

Encounter 4

Having successfully hacked into the secure data center on MortisMichael Stonebridge and Victor Lawson and their group dashed back to the hangar bay where they had docked their ship. They could hear blaster fire as they neared the hangar bay. And behind them, they could make out the heavy foot steps of several security groups quickly closing in on their position.

They stormed into the hangar and saw that the rest of their party was defending their ship from the spaceports security personal. Luckily for Victor and Michael, the security force's attention was whole fixed on the two Sith soldiers defending their ship. The two Sith soldier taking cover on the ships ramp were under heavy fire and heavy a difficult time in returning effective fire.

Knowing that heavy security troops would close in on the hangar bay at any moment, Victor and the remaining active Sith soldier in their group quickly got into position to flank the unaware security force while Michael carried the critically wounded Sith soldier. Victor opened fire catching the security forces by surprise. The Sith soldiers in the ship took advantage of the confusion and charged out pushing the security forces further back allowing Michael to get onto the transport with the droid carrying the stole data.

As soon as he boarded the ship, Michael placed the critically wounded soldier in the small med bay and dashed to the cockpit and fired up the ships engines. Victor and the rest of the Sith soldier scrambled aboard as the heavy security troops raced into the hangar bay. They opened fire on the ship, however, their fire had no effect on the ship as speed out of the hangar bay an into space.

As Michael piloted the ship out into space and calculated the jump to hyperspace, alarms started blaring alerting the team that several fighter were pursuing them. The fighters quickly caught up to the parties ship and immediately opened fire and Victor scrambled to man the ships only turret. Michael sent the ship into a series of evasive maneuvers while Victor opened deadly fire on the fighters quickly shot two down. The ship shuttered protesting the against the maneuvers it was never built to make as Michael continued to avoid the fire from the remaining fights. Victor was able to shot down the remaining fighters and the group made the jump back to Darth Mar's compound on New Phaeton.


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